Fat halflings now rereleased by TAG (includes rooster riders and zombies)

It's with great pleasure I can announce my former renaissance "fat" halfling range is now available from the The Assault Group webstore. This includes the Rooster riders and the halfling zombies!



  1. Madness-I love it....these just made my list. Well done sharing this.

  2. The rooster riders look great, but a little too silly for my taste. Still, I love these figures and should get some as they look like they go well with the halflings I already have from another manufacturer. I've had those for a couple of decades or more. Would be good to sort out a full halfling army and/or militia for Dragon Rampant.

  3. Love your halflings in general! Those you gave me at the Eurobash in Belgium are still on my to-do-list and I look forward to painting them very much!